Wrong monetary units

Hi all,

I have submitted an official support ticket for this, but am hoping to hear back very soon, as I’m on a time crunch for using the money I planned to put in my account.

I created my account a couple years ago when I first heard about Prolific, and at the time didn’t pay attention to what monetary units I was activating the account in (or maybe it was before USD was available?)…long story short I did not end up using the system to obtain any participants because I was running low on funds. Now I have some and was hoping to load up my account, but it’s not set to be in dollars. I saw somewhere that this something they change on the admin side of things, but since I’m on a bit of a time crunch I wanted to check to see if anyone knows of a way to get this done quickly. Thanks in advance!

Dear Megan

If you send a PM to @Josh (←click and then click on the “Message” button) with the support ticket number he may be able to have it fast-tracked for you.

It is a shame it is not in the GUI.


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Thanks very much! :slight_smile: