Worth moving to Workspaces?

I am just wondering how the Workspaces beta is going? Is it functioning pretty well? I am considering making the switch because I have some undergraduate students working on projects with me and I would prefer them to have their own sign-ins and access just their own workspaces that I invited them to, rather than login via my account. However, I see that once I make the switch, I cannot go back!

Dear Cortner

Jon [the community leader and Prolific employee] said, about one day ago “In a further update on Workspaces, we’re aiming to roll this out this week. Ideally this will be today,” before mentioning an issue that Prolific is having that may delay things.

That is the most up to date information that I have. It should be soon.


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Hey @cortner,

Building on @timtak 's answer, there is indeed a plan to switch on Workspaces as a full release in the near future. At the moment there’s a more pressing server issue our engineering team is working on sorting out; once that’s done though focus’ll be back on the release.

That being said, you’re welcome to join up in advance of that if you’d like! You may still encounter a few minor bumps in the near term as our team puts the final touches on everything, but I’d think the value of getting your team set up in the way you’d like may outweigh that.

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