Winners Anouncement

Prolific’s Grant Fund Co-Design Competition Winners

Winning Proposal by @Lenka_Fiala

We are very pleased to announce that @Lenka_Fiala proposal has been chosen as the overall winner! She will be receiving £1000 in Prolific credit. As Magdalena_Kachlicka, Jantsje_Mol, and @bethaniley successfully amended her proposal, they will be receiving £100 each.

We liked:

  • The weighting to researcher level
  • Detailed submission information requirements
  • The accountability of reviewers/commenters
  • How it was fully community led

2nd Place Proposal by @AndreeaDamien

We’d also like to give a special second place prize of £500 to @AndreeaDamien because we think that some of her ideas will pair well with our winning proposal.

We liked:

  • The payment of reviewers
  • The use of an internal panel
  • The multiple scoring criteria
  • The reduction in the opportunity for gaming the system

Congratulations!! We look forward to putting these ideas into practice.