Why can't I duplicate a study?

Hi everyone

I’ve completed two pilot studies that I’d like to run again with new participants. Unfortunately the duplicate study option is not active for either of them. Can anyone advice how I overcome this?



Hi @Duncan_Bell,

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to duplicate representative sample studies or studies that were published using our balance sample across sex feature.

Maybe this is your case?

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As Chloe says, it will not be possible to duplicate the studies if you used the
“Balance sample
Distribute your study equally across selected demographics: Sex” option.

What you can do in future, as recommended by Pau Alexander, is make a draft study. duplicate it and then select the Balance option. That way you can go back to the draft to duplicate it again for subsequent studies.


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Thanks @timtak and @Chloe_Nguyen . This is exactly my problem. I will be sure to use the “draft and duplicate” method in the future.