When was premier league team screener collected?

I’m considering using the English Premier League Team 18/19 screener in an upcoming study, but the 18/19 aspect isn’t clear

Would it only be participants who had access to /joined prolific around 2018-2019, or are all new participants still asked this question ?


Welcome to the forum Laura :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sorry I misread your question. I thought it was a bit too easy.

And I am afraid I can’t really respond. My participant account was asked
“Are you a fan of an English Premier League football team?”
and since (I presume) I answered “No” I was not asked which team. I am from Chelsea and sort of support them so I will delete the No, change it to Yes and see if I am asked about teams and get back to you but it will not be instantaneous.

Sorry about that.

The English Premier League Team 18/19 screener

Which English Premier League football team are you a fan of? (18/19 season)
with a list of teams.

Here in Japan 20 of the 30 top trending hashtags and words are related to European, mainly British football this morning.


Dear Laura
Sorry to take so long.
As a result of deleting my response to the Do you support a premier league club, then answering “Yes” I was immediately asked “Which English Premier League football team are you a fan of? (18/19 season)” (which seems a little in appropriate since the teams are from 3 years ago). But, in answer to your question, all new participants who respond that they support a Premier league team are asked which team they support.
Phew. I think I got it right this time!