What will happen with the transferred money if I stopped the prolific projects and start the new one?

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that the test is gradually adding new participants each day, which means that I need to be more proactive in seeking out the text’s answers. To facilitate this process, I’m wondering if it’s possible to increase the visibility of the text in the test feed or to pause the current test and start a new one, excluding the existing members. If we do start a new test, I’m curious about what happens to the previously debited amount that was credited. Could you please provide more information on these options?

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Dear Tia

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We are only charged for participant payments so if you stop a study, copy it and restart it, you will only be charged for the participants approved (or those that managed to overturn a rejection) on the stopped study.

In the past Josh, who is no longer a Prolific employee, used to have studies reposted but now I think that stopping, copying and restarting is the quickest way but Support may help.


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