What percentage of Prolific participants have some college education?

Does anybody know what percentage of prolific users in the UK and US have at least some college education? Seems like prolific users tend to be much more educated than the general pop, at least in the USA but I would like to verify that.

Hi David

I selected Americans and there were 122083 participants then added college and above to leave 19329 participants = 15 %

I selected UK and there were 40,248 participants and then added college and above education to leave 18,793 participants =47%.

I am don’t know about the percentage in the general population.

Thanks! Though, my numbers are different. Your first number is what I see for total participants active in the last 90 days. When I select USA, I get 37,274. When I remove college students and only keep those without a college degree, then I get 2,931. So, only about 8% without a college degree or in college (or 92% in college or have a degree). Explains why so many of my participants are college students or have a degree. At least they’re not all intro psych students! :upside_down_face:

Although I should note, we ask about education in our prescreen and if I recall correctly, college students + college grads = around 75% of my sample the last time I checked. I think, if I wanted educational attainment in my sample to be similar to my pop, the number would be around 40%.


Sorry yes. I got it wrong. As you say, 122,000 is all the active participants.

But now if I click “Where should your participants be located? >USA” I am left with 41,331 active participants, and then if I use the “Highest education level completed” screener and choose all of:

  • Technical/community college,
  • Undergraduate degree (BA/BSc/other),
  • Graduate degree (MA/MSc/MPhil/other),
  • Doctorate degree (PhD/other)

I am left with 19,329, as above, which is 47% (same as UK!) and near to your figure for the US population.