What is the maximum number of rejections?

Hi, I’d like to ask what Prolific’s rejection percentage is? Is the rejection percentage different each time the questionnaire is released?

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I am afraid I am not sure of the percentage that we reject. The FAQ does not state the percentage, only that it exists, in the following page under the heading
I’ve reached my rejection limit - what should I do?

I have reached that limit early in my use of Prolific when I was less trusting. It was definitely 10% or less. It may have been 5%. I am sorry I can’t be more precise.

Why would you want to reject more than a few percent?

One reasons for wanting to reject more than a few percent is in cases where a researcher is attempting to screen participants out of the study in the study, e.g. by having a study called “Only for Snapchat Users,” and then attempting to screen out those participants who are not using Snapchat. But I am afraid screening participants out of a study is not allowed, according to the Prolific terms of use, and participants are generally aware of this so rejecting them in such cases will often (if the participant takes it up with prolific) resulting in the rejection being overturned.

Here are some participants talking about the use of in study screening and what they do about it…

Also please be aware that if participants get more than a a small percentage of rejections they will not be called to participate, and for some of them prolific participation payments pays for their food, I guess.

I am sorry I can’t be more precise.