What happens upon insufficient responses

Hi all,

I have conducted a study to make a custom allowlist. Now I will conduct my main study with this custom allowlist. The number of people in this list is very limited and I will need around 72% of them to complete the study. I am wondering what would happen if less than this end up completing? So, when there are not enough submissions but the number of participants in the custom list runs out, what would happen and what could I do?


Hey @errenos, welcome back to the Forum.

How many people have you selected with the custom allowlist? This is to help me quantify the “very limited” number you are referring to.

I am wondering what would happen if less than this end up completing?

You may need to send out new invitations to the eligible participants that haven’t shown up yet. This cannot be done automatically, but by asking @Jon to ‘refresh’ internally the study for you.

Generally speaking, I think it also depends on how much time you are willing to wait to complete the study…

Another problem would be if all eligible show up, but just a part below 72% completes the study. So, for example, many people voluntarily drop out or get timed out. Then you cannot re-invite these people to the same study. However, you can create a new (identical) study on Prolific with a shorter Allowlist only for these people (if your design allows for it, so if being pre-exposed to the same question does not bias/ruin your results).

Does this help?

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Hi Veronica,

Thanks for the elaboration. I will have an allow list of 35 participants and need 25 successful completions.

Your response answers my question. I will ask Jon if it comes to that.

Just another question. Let’s assume I get 24 successful submissions. Post-approval, can I just close/complete the study, even though the number of submissions is 1 less than initially planned?

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Sure thing, you can do that. :slight_smile: