What determines whether a survey is shown to a participant?

I wonder what the rules are for showing a survey to a participant. Does Prolific distribute surveys to those with a higher historical acceptance rate first?

Dear Yi
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I do believe that there is algorithm that works as you suggest, at least meaning that the less reliable participants get pushed to the back of the queue but, officially, Susan of Participant support writing on reddit says that this only occurs when a participant has been flagged as having received too many rejections resulting in their receiving no more studies, and not a gradual thing.
How many is too many, however, does not seem to have been made public, and as a participant I have got the impression that studies came, but came more slowly after a rejection (and not my first rejection) but that may have been paranoia.

So in answer to your question, officially there is no order of participants only a threshold X after which participants don’t get any more studies.


Timothy Takemoto