What data would you like to see in our Data Library?

What data would you like?

Every year, our researchers collect millions of data points. In the spirit of Open Science, we want to make more of it easily accessible. We’re encouraging Prolificos to share their research and findings to our new Data Library, so that everyone can learn from each other and connect over new insights.

We’d love to know what you’d be interested in seeing more of in the data library — so tell us: if you could get a rich dataset on any topic/question, what would it be?


Psychology of climate change :national_park:

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I would love to have time-series data about what people think about protests against Covid-19 related policies (e.g. lock-downs, masks etcs.).

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I would love to have keystroke timing data, to understand how people communicate online. This could be typing in isolation, typing on a message board, or typing in a real-time conversation (like a text message or Slack).

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Socioeconomic measures are always really useful. Employment status is already available in the demographic download, but it would be great to have things like income and years of education too. For my studies, it might save me from asking the same questions repeatedly. That said, I appreciate that these variables are likely to change over time and so may not be good candidates.

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Nice suggestion! You can also use @Veronica’s method of getting all the data you need from a participants’ prescreening answers:

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Hi there,

I haven’t launched my first survey yet, just doing my final checks just now, but I was just checking about getting the data on pre-screening questions. I hadn’t included basic demographic questions in my survey as I thought this information would be available once they had completed the survey, is this not the case? Do I need to include demographic questions in my survey? Hope this makes sense, thank you for any information. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi @Jennifer_Craik_Nicoll , in order to make sure you have the information you should enable the Prolific pre-screeners that you’re interested in. just mark all the possible answers as acceptable. otherwise, the demographic information will not be included in the data export.

Personally, I would ask any critical questions in the survey, if only to confirm that the pre-screening data is correct.

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If I may also jump in, there are some basic demo info provided by default in Prolific with the final Excel export: Age, Sex, First language, Current country of residence, Nationality, Country of birth, Student status, Employment status. Plus, there are also other variables related for example to previous participation in Prolific. For the full list see here:

Anyway, as @paul suggests, if there are crucial variables you need, you may think of adding them to the survey, even if potentially available in Prolific.


Thank you very much for your help, that’s really useful to know! I’ll go check my survey and include any critical demographic info.
Thanks again :smiley: