VAT number on invoice


I am trying to add money to my workshop via bank transfer. I have added my institution’s VAT number to my profile, but it does not appear when I create an invoice. My institution needs that number to be visible together with the billing information. Does anyone know how to do it?

Thank you so much!

Dear Luis

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I am sorry I can’t help m(__)m

I know that one can submit VAT numbers so as to not have to pay VAT but I don’t have a VAT number so I have never noticed that it is not on invoices. The only ways to create invoices (of which there are four) are explained in this two minute video but it sounds as though you have already worked this out

So I guess that in order to have Prolific provide a invoice with the VAT number you will need to ask support I am afraid.

It seems like it would be a good feature request too, should you be so kind as to mention that to Support. I have posted a request to the features part of this forum.

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Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for the welcome and your response. I have already asked support and they updated my legal identity information so the VAT number is now visible on the invoices. Thank you for your post requesting this feature on Prolific, it is so kind.

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