Valid attention checks using slider or visual analogue scale

Hi everyone,

we are setting up a study using visual analogue scales (VAS) and want to use attention checks. To blend in, these attention checks should also be responded to on a VAS. We plan to use checks like “Respond by setting the slider to the left at strongly disagree” and be liberal on the passing of the check, e.g. accepting every response left of 30%. While I think it is a liberal criterion, it is still arbitrary and might not be applicable for rejections.

Is there a best-practice for that?
I rather want to avoid displaying and asking for specific slider values and only use that if it is the only option.

Thanks for your ideas and input!

Dear Soeren

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think that your check sounds okay and should be acceptable for rejection as far as I know.

The only problem is that words like “Respond” “Slide” “Answer” stand out, so that people who are not paying so much attention can pay attention only to the attention checks that use such language.

Move the slider to furthest from the start position. Is another possibility.

I generally add some nonsense checks such as recently “I drink bleach” “I clean my gills” (on a hygiene behaviour related survey) which generally don’t form the basis for rejection but I don’t use the data of those that fail them. Respondents said that they felt the latter to be metaphorical.

Nonsense checks are only allowed as the basis for rejection when there is no midpoint (because this can also be thought of as a correct response to nonsense, I presume) and a slider will have a mid point.


Dear Tim,

thank you very much for your response and the additional ideas!