[urgent] Requesting another "Refresh" of My Current Study to increase data collection rate?


I’m terribly sorry to bother you guys during holidays. Back in August, I finally opened some study slots but was dismayed at how slow data collection was coming in. Josh Tulloch assisted me (and I am very grateful for his assistance) by “refreshing” my study (I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but it worked very well. I went from collecting one datum every few hours to getting several data per hour).

I’ve now added some more study slots - and again, data collection is trickling very slowly. Last time, it worked brilliantly, and I imagine it would work well again. However, I don’t know who is on vacation/holidays so in addition to sending him a PM, I thought I’d also create this thread to increase my probability of getting that data boost faster; to keep a long story short, this is quite time sensitive.

Anyway, thanks in advance! I really hope someone sees this and can assist me in the next 24hrs!

Best regards,

  • Joe

Hi Joe

I am not sure what Josh did to “refresh” your study but the simple expedient of closing your study and then starting a duplicate with the remaining places should result in participants being invited again.

You might attempt to make the description more attractive, perhaps mentioning the fun or meaningful parts, or reduce any non essential prescreeners (e.g. I usually stipulate desktop use for more diligent, less distracted responses, but I could make do with participants using a mobile).

You might also try using social media to attract people to your study. I just saw a study on Twitter this morning. It was full. If you are screening for professionals there are groups on Linkedin.

I am sorry I can’t be of more help.

Best wishes for the New Year.


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