Updating the custom block/allowlist?

Hi Team,
It seems like we are unable to update the custom block/allow list once a study is active. Assuming that I’m not missing something, that would be a convenient feature to add when you also increase the places available.

I think for now you would have to stop the study and create a new one?

An issue with being able to change the list as we go is that, as researchers, we might not be able to track afterwards who was recruited with which criteria?

I think you’re right! The way Prolific is currently set up, you can’t modify the study at all, so there wouldn’t be any difference in the criteria. We’re piloting two studies and it would be convenient to include in the blocklist the participants who participated in the other pilot (which began after the first), without having to create a new study each time (the second pilot will then add more participants and currently, that would have to be a new study as well). It would just help with logistical convenience. I know there has been talk about being able to screen participants for study participation in real time (e.g., when you want to run two concurrent studies without overlapping participants), so this is an even smaller part of that general idea.

Hey @paul,

This is possible :slight_smile:

In order to add more participants to your allowlist whilst your study is running, simply go to your Submissions page, click the Action menu, then "Add participants to allowlist" . The new Prolific IDs that you enter here will be appended to your existing allowlist, so they will become eligible for the study.

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That’s good to know, thanks! I don’t see an analogous option for a “blocklist” though.


There isn’t right now unfortunately, but we know how useful that feature would be, so I’ll pass this idea along to the team :slight_smile: