Updating personal details without losing studies archive

Hello, I’m about to start a new job at a new university and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to update my email address and affiliation without losing the archives of my studies etc. Thanks!

Dear P. Andrews Fearon

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Yes, I just checked. You can change your email address at
with the little edit button. You’ll be sent an email at your new address for your to verify.

I don’t think I have stipulated my affiliation in my account, and only stated it in t he description of studies. So I don’t think that affiliation needs to be changed, as far as I know.


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Thanks so much! This is helpful.

I suppose the other thing I should have mentioned is that I’ll be going from a British institution to an American one. Will it matter that the current funded balance in my account is £ when I’m in the US? Any complications to expect there? Thanks!

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hey @P.AndrewsFearon (& @timtak ),

I think you’ll use the currency that your account is currently in to set rates, so it does matter in some ways. In other words, as far as I know, you can’t set a USD$2.00 payment from an account using £, but you could make the calculation and do something like £1.90.

there are some other considerations when it comes to currency exchange, that were recently discussed on this thread


You can calculate as Paul says. And also there have been those who have changed the currency of their account but to do that you need to contact support.

Since more than one researcher has asked to change their currency I put in a feature request to include a button in the GUI

so that we could change it ourselves but it has not received any votes nor been implemented (partly because it was in Bug Reports rather than feature requests).


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