Unable to add to custom allow list x 24h

I’ve been unable to add participants to my custom allow list for over 24 hours and can’t get a response from anyone at Prolific. Does anyone know what’s going on? Up until this afternoon there was no button for adding custom allow participants, and now the button is back but I get a “method PATCH” error when I try to add people.

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+1 And I would like to add that Prolific has stopped replying to my emails. Any timeline for solving the absurd amount of bugs that have suddenly poped-up?

Even just having a “we are aware of the problem and are working on it” would be reassuring.

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I am also having this issue and would like to know if/when it will be repaired.

I submitted a ticket yesterday around 4pm prolific time and also tweeted at them. Someone responded on twitter that they’ll be looking into it but who knows.

Welcome to the forum, Karen, Joano, and Jasmin

I am afraid that there is no official Prolific presence on these forums anymore. I am just a researcher and have been busy at work. I am sorry to hear there have been bugs with the custom allow list. It does sound like a bonefide bug.

I hope that support gets back to you.


I am experiencing the same issue and my data is time sensitive as it is the second part of a longitudinal study. Prolific have yet to respond to my tweets or emails. As I cannot wait, yesterday I sent my participants the direct link to my Qualtrics survey. I message them beforehand to explain and pay them using a bonus payment from their registered participation in the first round of my study. This only works as they have already participated in the first part of my study, meaning I have a way of paying them - this is far from ideal but I am desperate.

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Dear Samatha

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Prolific appears to be experiencing technical difficulties. Your solution, while non ideal, and ordinarily against the TOS, seems to me to be quite reasonable in these times of crisis.

I hope things get mended soon,


Hi All,

Please send an update when this is fixed. I would like to start piloting a longitudinal study, but will need the custom allowlist function to be working in order to do so. Thank you in advance for keeping the community in the loop!


Hi all,

This is the first time I’ve used Prolific and I’m having the same issue with the same error message when trying to add more participants via a custom allow list. help :-/

I can’t add participants to the second part of a longitudinal study, after advising they’d be added to the second survey within 48 hours. If this isn’t fixed within the timeframe, is it acceptable to message the participants advising of the problem?

How quickly do Prolific tend to fix these kinds of issues?


I still have had no response whatsoever to my numerous messages about this. It is also my first time using Prolific so I can’t speak to how long this usually takes to resolve, unfortunately. The problem started, for me, last Wednesday. It is really disappointing to have no communication about it.

I’ve been using prolific for about a year and a half and sadly, their lack of communication is the norm. They’ll fix things within a week but will not inform the wider community of the problem or even if it has been resolved.

I am still waiting for a reply from Prolific too, despite emailing them a second time about this issue and tagging them on Twitter. I am appalled about their lack of communication. This is also having a huge negative impact on my longitudinal study. I am not happy, especially considering that my current study is costing almost £4000 (including participant payments and Prolific fees)

Update - I got a message this morning saying the problem had been fixed. Unfortunately it has not. But at least someone is out there, responding.

Thanks for the update Karen - progress of a sort… fingers crossed it’s not too much longer…

I also got an email saying that it has been fixed and it hasn’t been.

Hi Everyone.

I have also been encountering this issue when I try to add participants to the custom allow list for a study that is already in progress. However, I have been able to get around the issue by creating a duplicate study and adding the new participants to there—I have not been encountering any issues with adding participants to a custom allow list for the “new” duplicate study. It’s annoying to have to do this each time I want to add participants to the custom allow list, but it may be a useful option for anyone in a pinch this week.



I’m still waiting for a reply from Prolific support. It is most definitely not fixed. What a nightmare!

Well, now I see the “add participant to allowlist” button but when I try to add to it, I get an error. So it goes.


Not even had an email back but it’s definitely not fixed is it.