Two invoices in separate currencies

Hi all,

We are running a 200-participant experiment with 2 types of funding, one from UK and the other one from Spain. Each of them will cover compensation for 100 participants.
This means that we will need to request two separate invoices: one in GBP and the other one in EUR.
Is it possible to just create one study and request two invoices? Or actually I will need to create two studies?

Thanks for your help in advance!


Welcome to the community @xLiao!

The best advice here is to actually set up separate workspaces for each payment type you need, as how it will be treated by tax is different for each country.

  • Set up one workspace for the study in Spain
  • Set up a separate workspace for the UK study
  • Run a separate study in each instance, and invoice for them separately.

Hope that helps!

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This is very helpful, Jon!
Iā€™m happy to try the new Workspace feature.