Ticket Requests getting no response

I have issues with increased payment.
I have various responses of total time took more than an hour making my median completion time to go up by 10 minutes leading me to pay more. I do not want to pay more just because 7-8 participants had Internet Issues out of 100.
I have proof that participants were not participating for the whole recorded time.
I submitted three tickets for same to support but all of them are closed without any response. What should I do?

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Hey @Siddharth_Mehrotra, I’m sorry that you were having trouble without support ticket system. I see that someone from the support team has responded now. I hope that you’ve been able to get the help you need :slight_smile:

I’m still struggling with the ticket! Technically, I have few participants (9 out of 100) who told me that they had poor internet connection/was busy doing something as well/had personal disruptions during the study. This has led to increase in my overall adjusted reward. For those participants the time to complete the study is an hour or even more ! but on average the time to complete the study is between 30-35 minutes. The median score provided by Prolific is influenced by those 9 people leading me to pay more money!

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I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any advice beyond what the support team has offered. They’re best placed to advise you here :slight_smile: