The Prolific Community Data Library - beta version

Thanks everyone who’s expressed an interest in and submitted datasets to our Community Data library experiment. We’re now ready to start rolling these out for the beta phase.

We’ll start to populate the Community Library subcategory with different datasets submitted earlier on this year. These will also be tagged with #data-library.

Each dataset have its own thread where you’ll find description of what’s available and a link to the dataset on OSF. We’ll tag in the reseacher who’s submitted the data, so feel free to start a conversation and ask questions.

What’s next

As you know we’re big believers in open science and in collaboration, and this experiment is no different. We’re keen to know what difference, if any, having community-sourced data makes both for your projects and for you as a researcher:

  • How are you using the data available in the library? We’d love to hear how you’re building on this data, what more you’d like to see, and how it helps further your work.
  • What data are you on the hunt for? Feel free to post more suggestions in the requests thread—and let others know if there’s data you can share that meets that need.

If there’s data you find useful and would like to share, watch this space! We’ll be reopening the process again in due course - especially if there’s a lot of interest. and description of the data set in question.