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Community Survey Template Library

Surveys form the foundation of much of the research done on Prolific. But, designing a scientifically robust, comprehensive questionnaire can be difficult, and very time-consuming, especially without help.

That’s where we come in. Our community mission is to help each other to produce world-changing insights, at every stage of the research process. So, in the spirit of open science, let’s help each other!

If you have a survey/study template you’d be willing to share, please upload it as an attachment below :arrow_down:

Your contributions will help us create a library of excellent, publicly available survey/study templates, and further the cause of open science :slightly_smiling_face:

The library will enable you to:

  1. Share your brilliant templates with others

  2. Use other people’s templates

  3. Get feedback on how to improve your study/survey designs (so, if you feel like you could improve a template, tag the author and let them know!)

Much open science love :heart:

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Here are some links to templates from our most used study software providers: