Subject Payment Amount Automatically Changed


I just completed collecting data for my study on Prolific. We advertised our study as a 60 minute study (most participants finished between 45-60minutes). I had one participant message me that they reported our study because they felt it was misleading regarding the time it takes. In actuality they must have misread the advertisement, because they thought it was a 30 minute study (which it is not & never advertised that it was). Anyway they reported our study & prolific automatically increased the per hour price. How do we remedy this? In that the study was advertised as a 60 minute study & they must have misunderstood. We conducted the study under the assumption we would pay ~$5000 to complete it and now the increased price would more than double that! Please help!!! This really is not fare to us. We use prolific all the time & never have had this problem.

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Hey @Jahla_Osborne, welcome to the community! We’re glad you’ve joined us :tada:

Your study cost won’t change
Don’t worry, the amount you pay for the study will not change. All participant payments are fixed at the level you set when you publish your study.

The average reward per hour may change as your study completes, but that number just reflects how much a participant is paid based on the average completion time.

You can read more about this here: Estimated and average reward per hour.

Why study costs may change
Your study would only cost more if, on average, participants took longer to complete it than expected, and you’re asked to make adjustment payments.

Let me know if anything is unclear! :slight_smile: