Study launch

I’ve launched two studies at the same time, one targeted to Black U.S. residents, and the other to White U.S. residents. I’ve set them up as separate studies to ensure that I have equal subsample sizes. The survey the two groups complete is identical.

The problem is that I’ve received the confirmation email from Prolific that the study for White respondents is collecting responses. Soon afterward, I began to see those responses trickle in.

But no such confirmation email has come for the study for Black respondents. And of course, no responses have come in.

I want these two studies to run at the same time so that race of respondent is not confounded with time of completion. In other words, when I compare Black and White respondents, I don’t want to also be comparing people who did the study on Tuesday to people who did it on Wednesday.

This has happened before, and when it did, I closed the nonresponsive study, duplicated it, and launched it again. But that tactic has done nothing, and now data collection for the White sample is 18% complete.

If others have encountered similar problems and have advice, I’d be grateful.