Stopping a study do I get back the funds?

Hello, I published a study and realised I didn’t save the right screening criteria. I would like to change it but now it seems not possible.

By stopping the study, can I publish it again with the right correction? Do I get the money back in the finance? Also the VAT percentage?
(Still no participant has signed up to complete the study)

Thank you in advance for your help!

The funds are not actually taken out of your account until a participant completes the study. Which is to say that if you uploaded funds and then stopped the study before anyone completed the study, your money is still there. See here: Can I request a refund of my workspace balance? – Prolific

But if you’re going to be just fixing the study anyway, it doesn’t sound like you need to request the refund, given you’re going to be spending the money on the new study. The money you’ve loaded is not study-specific, so you should be able to use it for the new study.

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