Standard on Number of Previous Submissions


I’ve seen that there are ‘standards’ on the requirements for the amount of tasks completed for users on other platforms, such as MTurk. To the best of my knowledge, it is acceptable to filter for participants who have over 5,000 tasks on MTurk, but when I tried to do the same in Prolific, the platform calculated that only 190 out of 37,000 participants would have this characteristic. What is the usual/most common ‘Number of Previous Submission’ threshold used in Prolific for research/academic purposes?


I can’t advise on what is most common, but the Prolific Team recommends improving retention for longitudinal studies by screening for participants with at least 20 submissions. The same guideline might be helpful for you. See the following article:

“You could also screen for those with at least 20 previous submissions, to ensure you are obtaining active and committed participants. You can do this by applying the ‘number of previous submissions’ prescreener. Inexperienced participants are more likely to drop out.”