Sourcing users & managing users for longitudinal studies

Howdy folks! I’m looking at building out a bit of a research panel for a longitudinal research study and need a few things along to get cracking. I would appreciate any tips or recommendations on the following:

  1. Best sources of (cheap) participants?
  2. Best free survey tools to qualify users onto platform?
  3. Best CRM / similar to manage participants from?
  4. How to keep participants engaged / warm throughout the study and avoid drop off?
  5. Any pitfalls / considerations to be aware of in this type of study?


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Hi @Oliver_Lane , welcome to the forum! This forum is specifically for Prolific services and Prolific emphasizes “quality responses from participants” rather than “cheap responses from participants”. So you might have better luck on a different site if you are looking to prioritize low cost over response quality.

With that being said, if you are thinking about using Prolific, one of the caveats is that you cannot collect identifying information from participants. Therefore, you would not be able to ask for their email and sign them up for a third-party software of any sort.

You can, however, conduct longitudinal research using Prolific services. If that is something that you would want to pursue, please check out the help page for longitudinal studies and feel free to reply if you have questions that aren’t answered there!

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