Slow recruitment

Hi, I am launching a study and am having a very slow response rate even though the eligible population is 9000+. The study is pre-screened for managers/supervisors in the US. Is there anything that can be done on the back-end to speed up recruitment? Thank you!

hi @Mary_S , welcome to the forum! I don’t know why that might be happening from the information here. But 9000 is a relatively small pool compared to the total participant user base. I wonder if it’s a characteristic of the group you’re looking for? There’s probably not anything much to be done but you can submit a help request in case there’s a technical error.

@Community_Leaders jw have y’all heard anything about some populations possibly having slower/faster recruitment?

Hi @Mary_S,

As said by @paul, not much can be done about this but submitting a help request to the Prolific team. You could also try to contact @Josh and give him your study name for faster support; he will help you refresh your study from his side.

Another reason that I could think of is that maybe your study’s incentives are not attractive to the participants or the requirements of or participation in the study is too complicated? Just guessing here :slight_smile:

Hi Mary and @paul (Thank you)

Not long ago, a member of the forums wanted to survey medical health managers ('of whom there are 59 registered according to my test) but I think he got no responses at all. I guess that during the pandemic there are few people as busy as medical health professionals.

I guess also that managers/supervisors in all fields are generally busier than the average Prolific participant, and less likely to be motivated by financial reward. Perhaps you might try to include, in the study description, the impact that your research will have on society to make participation in your study meaningful rather than profitable.

Or, as I recommended to the researcher who wanted medical health managers, you might try LinkedIn to approach them directly.


Thank you all so much for your thoughtful replies! This is very helpful advice and I’ll take it all into consideration. I really appreciate it!