Slow recruitment UK sample

Hi, I launched a study yesterday and after a day of data collection, I have now 300 people completed my study. I have more than 10000 eligible participants in the pool (standard sample), and the data is collecting much slower than expected.

Could I ask the Prolific staff for assistance in refreshing my current active studies to expedite the data collection process?

Thank you so much for your help!


Dear Yerong

Welcome to the forum. I am afraid this is a users forum, rather than one with an official Prolific staff presence. For that you’d need to contact support.

However, if you stop, complete, copy, and launch the copy you can achieve the same thing as you request.

Slow recruitment may be related to payment level. May I ask if you are sure you are paying enough?


Dear Tim,

I’m paying 12 £/hour, and paying half a min extra, so now it has increased to 14 £/hour.
Thank you so much for your suggestion!


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Hi Yerong

My algebra is awful but does that mean you were paying about 0.7 UKP for 3.5 minutes work?

That translates to 90 cents. It could be that participants want more for bothering to click on the study. Now that it is 14 UKP per hour that is 1 USD and may make all the difference. I hope so.