Slow Loading Time on Prolific

Prolific seems to have incredibly longer lag time. When trying to navigate the platform and clicking on a new tab such as “Messages” or “Edit study” the page never seems to load, requiring several refreshing pages or opening a new browser. In addition, when bulk approving, the participants are not moving from awaiting to approved unless the page is refreshed. At times the command is not even processed. Any others experiencing this? Tasks taking seconds are now taking minutes to complete.

Dear Tricam Lab

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am not finding Prolific to be slower than normal.

I am at home where I don’t have that much bandwidth (18.4 Mbps download, 1.55 Mbps upload, both more than I thought) and clicking on Messages opened in about 1.5 seconds and the messages were displayed by about 3 or 4 seconds.

I don’t know what to suggest other than support.

Some far fetched ideas: Could it be that some sort of anti-virus software on your machine has flagged as dangerous? Have you tried a different browser or computer? Might deleting your (Prolific related) cookies help? Are you using an AD block plugin that might be getting in the way? Might you have a virus that targets certain money related websites (most of us need to input a credit card number on Prolific).

All the above are unlikely but, if this were a general problem then I guess there would be more posts to this forum about the issue.

I am sorry I have no idea.