Slow bank transfers

hey @Josh & Prolific team,
i’m boosting this thread that just started bank transfer not showing up in bug reports because it seems important to look into
@timtak mentioned that bank transfers have been slow a few times recently. could you please look into this and send any relevant info? thanks much and happy holidays!

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention @paul! I’ve responded now :slight_smile:

Due to the way national holidays are structured in the UK, we had 3 extra days off over the Christmas period. I believe this had an effect on bank services. Hopefully, the situation as improved now we’re nearing the middle of January.

Excellent, that probably explains the most recent delay, and i’d guess the others were also unique events. thanks! (@timtak fyi)

Thanks Paul

I now know that bank transfers do not go through automatically but require human intervention at the Prolific end.