Setup and run a Fill the Gap test on Prolific?

Dear Researchers,

I need to set up a Fill the Gap Test and then run it here on Prolific. Could you tell me what kind of programme I could use to prepare the test, so as to generate a link that I will copy on prolific?

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hi @Alessandro_Aru , welcome back! I’m not sure what the Fill the Gap Test is, so this is not super specific… but, there are some guides for integrating various survey and experimental software at this link, and there might be more options listed if you click on “apps & integrations” when you’re logged into your researcher account. It might be that the “apps & integrations” button is only on some versions, so please let me know if you don’t see it and I can add a screenshot

Dear Alessandro

Fill in the Gaps or Fill in the Blanks is used a lot in English teaching (I am an English teacher too).

There appears to be hacks / ways of doing this on Qualtrics as explained on the forums here

One can also use Limesurvey

Both Qualtrics and Limesurvey are compatible with Prolific as are nearly all experimental software sites