Setting up second wave of a longitudinal study

Hi there - I’m setting up the second wave of a longitudinal study and want to invite back only participants that took part in the first wave of my study, without inviting anyone new ones. I know that you can select to invite back previous participants through the pre-screening section; however, I don’t know what to set the participant recruitment number at.

I originally had 2200 participants and once setting the pre-screen to invite back these original participants, Prolific is giving me a figure of 2093 that meet this requirement. The thing is, I can’t just set it to that number because not all of them will necessarily take part in the second wave. So given that I don’t want Prolific to then just make up the numbers with new participants, how do I program it so that only participants from the previous study take part? Do I just program the pre-screen for returning participants and leave the participant recruitment box blank?

Thanks in advance for any answers or insight!

You can include them based on their ID (custom screener) or based on their participation in your previous wave (include only if they took part in __ study). Good luck with your research.

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Thanks Winnie