Setting completion codes via API

I have set up a large number of studies via API from a single template study. However, I am unable to set the completion codes for the copied studies.

If I read the study and check the field “completion_codes”, the correct completion code XXXXXX

[{‘code’: ‘XXXXXX’,
‘code_type’: ‘COMPLETED’,
‘actions’: [{‘action’: ‘MANUALLY_REVIEW’}]}]

shows up. However, on the website the field “manually review” is not selected and the completion code is given as “null”. I can select “manually review”, but the completion code cannot be changed.

This prevents me from publishing the study.

I would appreciate if someone could point me to a way to set these fields automatically (or even manually)

Kind regards


Dear Birthe

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am afraid that I have never used the API so I am unable to be much help. Can an API expert make some suggestions?

Could it be that your code does not conform to the stipulated length/content required of completion codes if such exists?

In the standard GUI we can set up codes an stipulate the action that we wish to have performed when they are submitted.

It is pretty in your face and easy but recently I changed my email address in response to another query and cant log in to show you a screen shot.


Dear Tim,

thanks for your answer. I uploaded the surveys again and (for unknown reasons) it now works ok.

Kind regards

I am pleased to hear that.
I may take the liberty of asking you about the API one day, because I have not got a clue.