Service Fees and Multiple Studies

Hello, I am a first-time Prolific user. I am conducting a study in which I need 200 participants. I’d prefer to request 50 participants at a time (mainly due to my unfamiliarity).

Although the survey questions are the same for each participant, I sometimes change a prescreening requirement for each batch of 50. I create a duplicate “new” study on Prolific to change one prescreening requirement. My question is: Which approach below is more inexpensive (or is it the same cost)?

Is it more inexpensive to use the same survey and “top up”? (I’ll just keep the same prescreening requirement measure for all participants)

Or are the costs the same if I create a new duplicate survey at the same price point (costs per hour)? I wasn’t sure if service fees are charged per participant or per study. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Hi @UAR_22 , welcome to the forums! It should all work out to the same cost. Service fees are calculated by percentage (unless you choose to do something like a representative sample, which has it’s own associated fee). Does that help?

Yes. Thanks so much, @paul.

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