Screening based on participation on prolific

Hello guys, I was trying to use the screening based on participation on Prolific, but I cannot find it in the options anymore. Could you please tell me what is the issue there?

Welcome to the forum Yuri :slight_smile:

Add Screener > Participation on Prolific > Exclude participants from previous studies/Include participants from previous studies (in the latter case if you want to invite them back).

How’s that? I hope it helps.


Dear Tim, thank you so much! For some reason that option was missing, when I checked yesterday. However, I can see it now. Thank you!

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I guess Prolific had issues with their database. I suspected that but did not want to come straight out with it without covering the obvious.

I also had a similar issue recently and thought it might be due to the fact that he study I was attempting to exclude was still “active” but that would not explain the absence of the whole “Participation on Prolific” section.

I am glad it has sorted itself out.


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