Screener for Variable Compensation

Is there a screener for variable compensation? I’m looking for managers that have variable compensation for my study.

Dear Reba

That sounds like a useful screener but alas it does not currently exist imho.

I searched for wage, salary, pay, bonus, remuneration, cash which had not hits
month and income which had hits but not relevant ones.

You may try asking for a new screener to be created via support and possibly by the forums in which at least Jonas, a Prolific employee participates, in the following subsection

Failing that you would need to create your own screener for just you by screening for a custom sample of participants

which has two stages and inevitably some of the people you find will not come back.

I am sorry I can’t help you more.


Thank you Tim. This is what I thought, but wanted to confirm. :slight_smile: