Screener for high school baseball players?


I will be doing research using quantitative methodology on coaches’ leadership behaviors as perceived by high school baseball players in the United States. The target population is high school baseball players who are now rostered in college baseball programs in the United States. My question for you is, Can Prolific access this specific participant population for my study?

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Welcome to the community MaryLou!

We don’t have a specific filter, but we can get pretty close. You can apply the following filters to your sample:

  • Nationality: US
  • Student Status: Yes
  • Sports teams: Baseball

That will give you students in the US who have played baseball competitively at either college or high school level. To get your specific sample, run a study asking if they were “high school baseball players who are now rostered in college baseball programs”. Then use an ‘allowlist’ to target a 2nd study at people who answered yes.

For all the info on how to recruit custom samples like this, check out our help centre article.


Thank you for your response Josh. I will follow up with the IRB at my university to see if this is acceptable.

Best, MaryLou


Hi Josh,

I have another thought . . Is there a sample filter “College Student Status: Yes”? I ask this because most college rostered baseball players played high school baseball. Is there a way for Prolific Research to find current college baseball player participants? The study questionnaires specifically instruct the participants to reflect on their high school coach’s behavior while rating the questions. I could add a demographic within my study that could differentiate the few (if any) college baseball players who did not pay high school baseball. What do you think?

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The Student Status filter should get you mostly college students since the minimum age to participate on our platform is 18. However, to make sure you’re excluding mature students and older high school students, you can also add an age filter. Limiting it to those aged 19 - 25 should be sufficient.

Yes, if you’re confident that college-aged baseball players would have also played high school baseball, then running two studies may not be necessary. And adding a demographic question to differentiate would be enough.

That being said, the only way to absolutely guarantee it is using the method I outlined. But it’s up to you.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Yes, Josh, it makes complete sense. Thank you so much for your help.



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