Sample Enquiry

I am seeking 4 CRM or Sales executives in the Illinois Packaging Industry to explore the strategies used to operate a profitable CRM system

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Are you looking to recruit participants who are CRM or sales executives in the Illinois packaging industry?

Yes that is correct.

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Since that’s a very niche sample, I’m not sure that we’d be able to provide it unfortunately. We are able to target Illinois residents who work in sales or manufacturing, but not in the packaging industry specifically.

You could use our two-study approach to ask that sample whether they work in packaging, but it’s not guaranteed.

Sorry that I don’t have better news :frowning:

Hi Josh,
What area of manufacturing are you talking about? If they manufacture any packaging product or anything close

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We only collect data on a participants general industry, so we don’t know whether they work in packaging specifically. You could target all those who work in Illinois manufacturing, and ask them whether they work in packaging or anything close. Here’s a guide on how to do that. But, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find participants who do unfortunately.

Hello Josh,

Non of the participants resides in Illinois nor work in Illinois manufacturing or packaging industry.

Hey Samuel, have you checked our study creation tool? We have 1500+ Illinois residents, and 36 work in manufacturing. I know that’s not much, but you were looking for just 2 right? :slight_smile: