Request for helping regarding the "support request" function


I am writing to seek assistance with Prolific’s “support request” function. I just used this function to reach out to the Support Team. However, unlike previous occasions, I filled in the form twice but didn’t receive any confirmation email indicating that my request had been received by Prolific. I would like to inquire, in this case, whether the Support Team has received my request or not.

Many thanks,

Dear Jianan

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am afraid that these forums are user forums. The only Prolific employee that takes part, as far I am aware is Jonas, out of the goodness of his heart, and so we users will be unable to answer questions regarding the internals of Prolific such as whether or not your request has been received by the support team.

I have generally received a response within 48 hours at the latest, and sometimes very rapidly (in an hour or two).


Hi Tim,

Thank you very much for your timely help! I see. I just have directly emailed them, in case the request didn’t go through. The matter is about our undergoing research and a bit urgent.

Best wishes,