Representative sample not filling

Hi all - I started running a ~1500 participant representative sample study over a week ago, and it started to fill pretty quickly. But after 2-3 days of filling, zero new participants have taken the study (zero new submissions since Friday). Has this happened to others?

Prolific says (on the FAQ and in response to my email) that they’re loosening the eligibility restrictions to get the survey out to more folks (obvious downside is it’s not really a representative sample anymore, despite the cost etc.), but there’s still been zero movement.

Welcome to the forum Hajin

I am really sorry that the representative sample is not filling up, even though it has been made less representative.

By posting your issue here, others who are thinking of paying for a representative sample will be warned of the possibly of delay and a possible reduction in representative-ness.

I am pretty sure there has been one other mention of the fact that a representative sample was slow to fill but your post is I think the first mention of “loosening the eligibility.”

Have you asked for a discount? I think I would.

It seems to me that the demographic is skewed to young people, especially young ladies, and I guess it must be really difficult to find computer literate old people especially in rarer races.

Once again I am sorry it is not working out.