Reporting participants isn't working

Reporting a participant (having put in a reason and a desired outcome) allows me to click the “submit” button at first, but all this does (or seems to do) is grey out the submit button. The “cancel” button is still active.

Hi Hackl Lab, welcome! :slight_smile:

Have you used the Bulk Report tool? If you have already submitted a report, now it’s time for Prolific team to investigate and take actions.

You should have seen a screen like this one:

If you wanted to report more than one participant, you needed to add one ID per line. But I guess it’s still possible for you to send a new Bulk Report, although the preferred option it’s one Bulk Report with more lines, one for each ID.

Speaking of lines, could this be the reason why your “Report” button is grey now? I just made a trial and if I write in the correct format the first line (e.g. ProlificID,Reason,Desired outcome) but I add a space (press enter), starting a new blank line below, it doesn’t allow me to submit the report anymore.

Let me know if you think this could be the case for you.

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The Bulk Report tool has the same problem: I cannot click on the “Report” button, only the “Cancel” button. My cursor gets a circle with a line through it when I mouse over the “Report” button. I do not get to a “report submitted” screen no matter which tool I use. I have also checked in the Bulk Report tool that I have no spaces or line breaks in between or after the ID,Reason,Outcome.

Please advise. I’d like to report one particular participant for a behavior that seems exploitative so I don’t want to just let it go.


P.S. I tried to reply to the email (as instructed in the email) and it sent me back an “Unknown To: Address” error.

Mmhh - it sounds more like a bug and in this case the best option is to submit a request to the support team where you can just explain the same that you wrote here in the description section of the request. You could also indicate the Prolific ID of the participant there so that the Team can take actions immediately.

@Josh is on vacation right now, otherwise I’m sure he would have made your request prioritized.

Sorry - cannot be of more help!