Referral scheme

I’m pretty sure there used to be a tab on my dashboard that allowed me to refer a colleague. I can’t see this anywhere and I’ve tried google and the links take me to defunct prolific pages. I’d like to refer a colleague and don’t want them to lose out on the scheme. What is the procedure to be followed please? Thanks, Denise.

Hi @Denise_Wallace,

I also don’t see it from my account. It’s likely temporarily dismissed. Prolific usually changes these things, updates them (for instance, the amount of gifted credits has been changing over the past) or removes them for specific periods. I’m not sure about the reason why it’s not up at the moment. But I guess that if we don’t see it, it’s because the Scheme is off now.

Sorry if I cannot be of more help!

I used to send my students a referral email so they would benefit from the researcher referral scheme (bonus of 240 GBP after topping up 80 GBP for their first study). I have used this scheme so far without a problem, but I tried to do this again this week and, although I still have the option to “Refer a colleague”, the referred person does not get the bonus!

Has something changed? Or, are there any restrictions in using this scheme, such as the referred person needs to use their university email to sign up or there is a maximum number of referral email the referee can send?


Dear @Denise_Wallace,

Thank you for raising this question, I have just noticed that the referral scheme is missing on my end as well.

Dear @prolific team,

Is the Researcher Referral Scheme permanently suspended? If not, when could we expect the scheme to be reinstated? I have always used this scheme with students, so this came as a bit of a disappointment and I can’t seem to find any updates on this. Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes,

@Eftychia_Stamkou @Jelka_Stojanov Thanks for raising the issue. Unfortunately, I can only confirm that the Scheme is off for me as well.

@Jon perhaps you have a hint on when (and if) we’ll have it back? :slight_smile:

Sure thing @Eftychia_Stamkou, @Jelka_Stojanov and @Veronica!

Referrals are paused, not permanently suspended, so at some stage these’ll again be available. Prolific chose to pause these while working on the collaborative Workspaces feature, so referrals will follow soon after.

I don’t have a timeframe on referrals returning unfortunately, but happy to keep you posted as best I can here :+1:


By any chance, have referrals been turned back on?