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How to Submit Your Grant Proposal

We’re awarding £10,000 in research funding! :tada: Submit your research grant proposal by clicking ‘New Topic’ on the main page and filling out all the details. Note: you must be signed in submit a proposal.

How to Vote on a Proposal

Click on the proposal you’d like to vote for on the main page, then click ‘vote’. You can vote for as many proposals as you’d like.

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Assessing Entries

You are also Prolific’s grant proposal review board!

The Community’s Role

To enter, applicants will post their short research proposals in our dedicated channel where you can assess them and vote for the best ones. Our team will then review the five proposals with the most votes, and award the funding in accordance with our evaluation criteria.

How do you assess entries?

Please try to be as fair, and impartial as possible. Only vote for proposals that you really feel have the potential to make a positive impact. Think about the following things when evaluating a proposal:

  • Does it have the potential to advance existing knowledge?
  • Does it have the potential for positive real-world impact?
  • How aligned is it with scientific rigour and the principles of Open Science (e.g., preregistration, commitment to making all research material available, intention to publish in an open access journal)?
  • Is the study design clear and of high quality (including prescreener selection, power analysis, planned pilot studies, and appropriate analysis plan)?
  • How suitable is it for the Prolific platform? (note: we cannot support overly complex studies, or ones that require the collection of personally identifiable information. Here are the kinds of complex studies we can support)

When is the deadline? And when are winners announced?

Proposals can be posted from today (May 5th 2021) until July 14th 2021 at midnight (GMT).

After that deadline, there will be a:

  • A 10-day voting-only period:
    • From July 15th - 25th , all proposals will be available for evaluation and voting only. This is to ensure there is adequate time for our community to evaluate and vote for proposals submitted nearer to the deadline. So, at the very least, every proposal will get 10 days to gather votes.
    • We won’t be accepting new entries during this time.

We will take a couple of weeks to assess the applications and announce the winners on the forum, our blog, social media and email as soon as possible.

If you’ve got any questions, let me know! :slight_smile:

This competition will be run in accordance with our community guidelines.