Randomising stimulus in a longitudinal study

I have just got funding for my first Prolific study. It consists of 4 parts, three of which contain video stimulus material. Reading the info on longitudinal studies I have set them up as 4 seperate studies, which is fine, but I’m using Gorilla and I don’t know how or if it’s possible to randomise stimulus across the studies once they are separated out in Gorilla?

Hi Paul and welcome to the Forum! :boom:

Randomising conditions is not something Prolific can deal with. You should look for this feature in your survey software. I’ve been using oTree and Qualtrics, so I’m afraid I cannot help you with Gorilla.

If you have any other doubts about longitudinal study, feel free to ask! You may also want to refer to the Researcher Help Centre (just as an example, there is an interesting page on how to reduce attrition in longitudinal studies).

Hope it helps a bit!

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