Question about data from failed attention checks

Greetings - I ran a study last year which included 3 attention checks. I set up it up in Prolific for the survey to automatically end for a participant if they failed two of them.

I’m attempting to reconcile the data and participants in my Qualtrics data with what Prolific has. Here is where I run into problems.

  • There are 38 participants who Prolific lists as “returned”
  • These same 38 participants are listed as “failed attention checks” in Prolific
  • However, in searching my data in Qualtrics, 19 of these people appear in my dataset. None of them have 2+ failed attention checks.

It is clear to me I need to remove these 19 people who returned their survey from my Qualtrics file. They appear to be participants to opted not to finish the study and have incomplete data. Again, none have 2+ failed attention checks.

The other 19 participants listed as “returned” and “failed attention checks” are no where in my data file. Should I presume these are participants who failed 2 attention checks? Why do they NOT appear in my Qualtrics file if they other 19 people who returned the survey do?

Thanks for any insights!

Bump - I really need help figuring this out. For a revise and resubmit that will be due, I need to be able to differentiate failed attention checks from people who returned the survey for other reasons. If not here, is there a help line/address I can reach out to?