Prolific's Monthly Update - April

:love_letter: Prolific’s Monthly Update

Every month we’ll be updating you on what we’re up to at Prolific

Prolific has been growing at a steady pace since last year and we wanted to check in with you, share updates on Prolific and some insider knowledge on data quality, Prolific best practices and the interesting research on the platform.

Here are your insider tips :bulb:

  • If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of Prolific and get the best data quality, our very own Abigail wrote about the best practices for researchers, check out her post with tips for study success, it’s filled with insider knowledge.

  • We also wrote about data quality at Prolific and our efforts to keep the quality bar high - for starters - check out Charlie’s post on why we ban participants :pray:t2:

The people behind the research

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