Prolific ID not recorded - active survey

Hi all,

I am new here and could really use your urgent support.

I have an active survey running on prolific and set up the link to record the PID - see attached image.

However when I downloaded the data from Qualtrics it is not recorded, only the response ID that starts with a capital R , for example : R_2yekXcHtsC6wsa1.

I downloaded the demographic details of the respondents but it doesn’t include the response ID, only the PID and session ID

Can I or prolific support associate the session ID to the PID or session ID?

Otherwise the data is lost…

I would appreciate any help on this issue.

Many thanks


Hope you have solved your problem, Ariel.

I experienced the same problem today. I wonder how you may have resolved the situation.

I can think of adding a question to ask for the Prolific ID and another one for the completion. However, these may only solve half of my problems as I also need to transfer the Prolific ID to the second survey, …

Any thoughts?

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Hi there,

I did resolve the issue.
Apparently the problem was on the Qualtrics side.

In the “Survey Flow” section you need to set-up the survey to display embedded data (see below).
I notified Prolific support of this so they can support other customers that face the same issue.

I hops this helps


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I experienced the same issue. I made sure to set up the parameters correctly on qualtrics. But the prolific id is still missing in the dataset that I downloaded. Any thoughts? Who should I contact, prolific or qualtrics?

Thank you