Prolific GUI issues

Dear Prolific Team,

Three users have reported problems with one aspect or another of the Prolific GUI in the past three days (and I suspect there are many more who do not post on the forum). Some people report trouble loading submissions (@Dawid_Strzelczyk and @lmclark) and one user (@ejb) stated that they have been unable to access Prolific at all. Thank you to anyone who has experienced an issue for being patient while it’s sorted out.

Could someone from the development team please provide an update here as to what is going on and when it might be resolved? If that information is not available, it would be helpful to know that there is something uncertain happening.

Thank you very much in advance!

@Josh , @Community_Leaders

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Hear, hear!

@paul Thanks for raising this.

I and a colleague in my group’s workspace were unable to access Prolific from last Friday through yesterday (Monday), getting 500 errors from . However, as of this morning (Tuesday), Prolific seems to be working normally again for both of us.

Hi @ejb , I’m very glad to hear that! Hopefully everyone else’s issues have also resolved!