Prolific bank rejecting invoice payment

My university has tried to pay a Prolific invoice multiple times and the Prolific bank has rejected it each time. Prolific hasn’t responded to their requests for help and asked that I try to find out if others have been having this issue, and if so how you were able to resolve it. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

Hey @Jean_Phillips,

Welcome to the community, and sorry to hear that your university is having difficulty with both the invoice and getting through to Support.

Would you be able to PM me more detail on the support request? If you have the Request ID number, or barring that let me know the contact email of the person who’d been in touch with Support, I should be able to chase this up for you.

The invoice number is 627a352789f97a8e2d21bb73. A similar invoice for $3,500 was generated and successfully paid about the same time (May 11) so why this didn’t go through is a mystery. Apparently the wire keeps being rejected by your bank, although no fees are deducted. I appreciate your help!