Prolific alternatives?

Does anyone know of any alternatives to Prolific for academic data collection? I have had one after another problem and delay with Prolific, and have been so frustrated with the “support” I am able to get here. I have another large project starting up soon and cannot justify starting this process again with them, given the still-unresolved issues I am having with my current study.

Dear Karen

The most famous alternative to Prolific is Amazon’t Mechanical Turk but it is only available to those with an address in the USA as far as I am aware, so I have not tried it.

Prolific also claims that Prolific has advantages over Amazon’s service

There are others, but the ones I found were either expensive with more of the work being outsourced to the prolific-equivalent or ineffective (I am thinking of the one that is free and relies on responding as a participant to get others to respond). That may have been

I failed to find respondents using the one I used

There some here in Japan, a general purpose crowd-sourcing app that also has surveys, and I do use it since Prolific has so few Japanese participants (due to the lack of a Japanese language GUI – Please Prolific!) but it is all in Japanese.

Googling “prolific equivalent” I see that there is a list here.

Can we help more with any of the issues you have been having I wonder.